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UV Pool Systems dramatically reducing your exposure to chlorine!

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UV Pools
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Healthier Water Eco-Friendly Economic Ownership

With UV pool systems for your pool or spa you can drastically reduce the use of chemicals.  The ultraviolet system performs the duties carried out by harmful chemicals!  Learn more about healthier water...

healthier water
The use of chlorine in our drinking water and pools has a   impact on our environment and our health!   Learn more about environmental impact...
Eco Friendly
For the cost of operating a small light bulb you can disinfect your water as it passes by the uv lamp.  This greatly reduces the need to pour harmful chemicals into your pool or spa!
Learn more about cost of ownership...
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With 3 great series to choose from...
Legends Series Performance Series Baseline Series
For Residential Pools For Larger Pool Applications For Smaller Pools and Spas
Legends Series 1 UV for pools Preformance Series 2 UV system for pools Baseline Series ultraviolet system for smaller pools and spas

Why choose a UV system for your pool or spa.

Healthier Water
UV systems for pools eliminates up to 90% of chlorine and nearly 100% of chlorine side effects.  Ultraviolet systems reduces harsh chemicals to safe levels commonly found in drinking water, only .3 - .5 ppm. UV for pools frees your family of burning eyes, skin irritations, foul chemical odours, bleached hair, and chlorine allergies.

Chlorine has a suffocating odour and is extremely poisonous. Breathing even small amounts of chlorine for short periods of time adversely affects the respiratory system. Adverse effects include coughing, chest pain, and water retention on the lungs.

Recently, researchers have stated that swimming in chlorinated pools may boost the odds that a child susceptible to asthma and allergies will develop these problems.

The health effects of breathing or consuming small amounts of chlorine over longer periods are more severe. In the last few years, we’re beginning to understand just how dangerous chlorine and its by-products really are.

An Ultraviolet system for your pool will also eliminates toxic chlorine by-products called organochloride compounds. These toxic chemicals have been associated with cancer, asthma and allergies. Chlorine chemically reacts with organics such as leaves, debris, sweat and urine. The resulting organochlorine compounds include nitrogen trichloride, aldehydes, halogenated hydrocarbons, chloroform, trihalomethanes, and chloramines. UV systems for pools eliminate these harmful chemicals and will provide a healthier, eco friendly pool experience.

Dollars and Sense
A UV system for pools and spas will drastically reduce the need for chemicals, making ownership more practical than any other system.  With an ultraviolet system there is no longer a need for an algaecide.  This, combined with a drastic reduction in the need for chlorine or bromine, makes for a very stable environment, meaning regular pool maintenance if far less onerous. 

The significant drop in chemicals is a drastic savings! The operating costs of the UV system are very low - a one lamp UV system for your pool is equivalent to running a 60W light bulb. 

Low Maintenance
Without an ultraviolet system for your pool, vacations, or time away can reek havoc on your chemical balance.  With our uv system maintenance is infrequent and easy.  As long and the circulation system runs a minimum amount of time per day, the ultraviolet light will keep  the water clear and clean. 

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