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Is it Possible to have a Chemical Free Pool?

For many of us, a chemical free pool is the Holy Grail of pool ownership.  The ideal would be fresh, warm spring water that is free of all chlorine, chlorine byproducts, and any other chemical we dump in our favorite pieces of water on a regular basis.  However, since our pools are locked in by cement, vinyl, or plastic and have no way of getting naturally replenished or filtered, we are forced to do what is necessary to maintain a safe swimming environment.

At this point in time, no technology exists that will allow you to go completely chemical free.   Furthermore, be very cautious of any system or company that claims they can provide you with a chemical free.  In most of these cases, they are offering ionization.  These are utilizing copper and silver ionizers which may be fine for some bacteria.  However, they do not break down sweat, lotions, urine, feces, and some forms of algae.


Although ozonators are used in commercial pools to augment the chlorine, in residential situations, they simply are not an effective oxidizer on their own. Because ozone is toxic to humans, the amount used in residential pools is not enough to be completely effective.

There is also the misconception that if you have a “salt water pool” you are chemical free. In fact, the cell on the salt machine converts salt to chlorine through electrolysis. Therefore, a salt water pool is nothing more than a chlorine pool.

So, although a chemical free pool is still not feasible, as more and more people are learning, a pool UV system is the best way to get as close to the Holy Grail as possible. A pool UV system combined with low amounts of chlorine provide the safest, cleanest, and most economical form of water sanitation. With such low levels of chlorine, the natural balance of the water is easier to maintain, making maintenance easier and less frequent.