Chlorine Free

Is it possible to have a chlorine free pool?  Most of us would prefer a pool of spring water that refreshes itself daily.  However, we are left with finding a solution that will provide a pool that is as close to chlorine free as possible.  We all want to avoid swimming in a chemical bath.

While there are some out there that claim to be chlorine free, it is best to do the research and find what the solution entails.  For now, you can reduce your chlorine content to 0.3 – 0.5 ppm when using a UV pool system.  This is drinking water standards or better in a lot of municipalities, and a close to chlorine free as possible.

For those that have a serious allergy to chlorine, there is the option of using hydrogen peroxide in place of chlorine.  This is the same hydrogen peroxide your mother used to use when you were a kid.  The downside to hydrogen peroxide is the quantity required – 30-40 ppm in most cases, but sometimes higher.

With a UV system, you are able to maintain the lowest possible chemical levels in your pool.  With such low levels, maintaining the balance is much easier.

Chlorine free

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