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Ultraviolet Systems for Commercial Pools

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Girls in UV for pools
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Why Add a UV System to Your Commercial Pool?

Safe and healthy swimming is a matter of clean water and air conditions. Whether you swim in a residential or public pool, poorly maintained water chemistry and air quality can make you sick.  Commercial UV systems provide a logical solution.

UV has proven to be the solution for dangerous RWI’s (Recreational Water Illnesses) and Chloramines (Chemical Irritants). UV Treatment is as natural as sunlight. More specifically, UV-C light is a natural component of the electromagnetic radiation that the Sun emits. Much of the Sun’s radiation is absorbed by ozone in the Earth’s upper atmosphere, but some UV-C light passes through and acts as a natural disinfectant. UV-C light inactivates exposed microorganisms, including those found in surface waters.

UV systems operate the same way. Inside a UV system, UV lamps emit UV-C light (wavelength range 240-280 nm). Waterborne pathogens in the water circulating through the UV vessel are exposed to the UV-C light for a determined amount of time and become inactivated.

Ultraviolet Systems offers you the best commercial UV systems available.  Low pressure UV  systems are a proven solution to harmful waterborne pathogen problems and irritating chloramines. DEL UV-C PRO Commercial UV systems provide instant protection against Cryptosporidium, Giardia and remove chloramines.  A complete system is all contained in one cabinet. The system is easy to install, cost effective to operate and easy to maintain.

Standard Features

  • Instant protection against Cryptosporidium and other harmful waterborne pathogens.
  • Significantly reduces chemical odors within enclosed pool area.
  • Conserve Free-Chlorine by as much as 30% compared to medium pressure UV systems.
  • Enhanced, state-of-the-art electronic ballast, sized precisely to the lamp’s power requirement,  ensures optimal UV-C output and maximum “useful lamp life”.
  • modular component design that does not require sophisticated service capability.
  • High quality American made low-pressure, Amalgam UV lamps offerup to 12,000 hours of continuous operation.
  • Low temperature lamps conserve energy and negate the need for quartz sleeve wiper systems.
  • Choice of input/output piping connections.
  • Standard sizes available up to 500 GPM and NSF 50 Certified.
  • UV Vessel water temperature sensor/alarm – protects vessel from temperatures exceeding 120°F.
DEL UV-C Pro Series
NSF 50 Certification


Del UV-C Pro uses low pressure UV-C bulbs. Unlike medium pressure systems, these bulbs can cycle on and off quickly with zero downtime. This is essential for most environments to provide total, constant protection.


Del UV-C Pro Systems are NSF certified for Supplemental Disinfection of Pools and Spas. Our NSF 50 certification is a third-party guarantee that the Del system is actively making the water safe and clean.


Controls and UV-C reactors are all in one cabinet. This will simplify your installation footprint and consolidate service to one device.

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