Sizing The Bioshiled Commercial UV System

1. Establishing flow rate requirements in GPM is critical to selecting the correct UV system for your application.
2. Know your UVT (Ultraviolet Light Transmittance) and Target Dose. Particles suspended in water will absorb or reflect UV, even if the
water looks “clear”. UVT is the measure of how much UV-C light transmittance (at 254nm) in water. Pentair has selected 90% UVT as a
reasonably conservative value in our sizing charts. Other manufacturers may use a higher UVT% which will greatly overrate their
flow capacity compared to that at 90% UVT. The best way to know your UVT is to measure it. Target Dose depends on the intended
purpose of the UV reactor. While this can be complicated, the following rules-of-thumb are often used at minimum:

UV Dose

3. Choose your BioShield UV System model. Using the below chart, select a unit that can treat your system flow at the desired dose.
When selecting a port size, be sure the system flow rate will never exceed “Max. Flow for Port Size”.

CVP ModelLamps/ WattsUV-C Spectrum Output WattsMax. Flow Rate @ 90% UVT 40 mJ/cm(GPM)Max. Flow Rate @ 90% UVT 60 mJ/cm(GPM)Port Size2Maximum Flow for Port SizeAmps Max Load @ 120/230 VACUV Vessel Dimensions1Pwer Enclosure Dimensions (HxWxD)Max. PSI

1 Vessel dimension “C” represents clearance requirement for glassware maintenance.

2 When selecting a port size, be sure the system flow rate will never exceed “Max. Flow for Port Size”

Commercial UV Control Panel

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