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UV Pool Systems are Eco-friendly

Ultraviolet pool systems are eco-friendly.  In fact, the are the most environmentally friendly way available to sanitize your pool or spa. UV does not produce any bi-products and allows you to reduce your chlorine levels up to 90%. Furthermore, with a UV system for your pool you will not require an algaecide.  This dramatic reduction in chemicals is not only safer for your family, but much better for the environment.

Around the turn of the century, pool owners considered chlorine a miracle chemical. And for the most part, chlorine killed the germs, bacteria and algae that turns a pool green. What they didn’t know was chlorine had some very serious side effects, sometimes much worse than the bacteria and algae it was intended to eliminate.   Since then, scientists have determined that these side effects are not only bad for us, but harmful to our environment.

Standard levels of chlorine in pool water can be a significant contributor to chlorine in the environment. When chlorine enters waterways where it mixes with organic compounds. These organic compounds then react with chlorine to form chloro-organic compounds, such as chloroform and other known carcinogens. The U.S. EPA has issued regulations setting limits on the allowable amounts of chlorine by-products in water. In fact, in many municipalities, dumping pool water down the sewer system is no longer permitted.

With a UV system as the primary sanitizer your pool water inflicts no harm to the environment. Our eco-friendly ultraviolet system will put your mind at rest.  With drinking water standards you can rest assured you are providing safest and healthiest pool water available.


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