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UV Pool Sanitizer Testimonials

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What Leading Industry Professionals Have to Say a UV Pool Sanitizer

The pool and spa industry has been around for many years and has been witness to a variety of changes in associated technologies.  Professionals in this field maintain knowledge and expertise that lead and advise in the direction in which various aspects in the industry will take.  Here’s what some of the leading pool and spa professionals are saying about UV pool systems.

“Improved air and water quality”

Connie Sue Centrella is professor and department chair for the online Aquatic Engineering Degree Program at Keiser University eCampus.  She says, a UV pool sanitizer “eliminates chlorine-resistant microorganisms at a kill rate of 99.9 percent…”

The process attacks the microorganism’s DNA — protozoans, viruses and bacteria are unable to reproduce and remain inactive.  The benefits of UV systems include improved air and water quality, reduction in asthma and other respiratory illnesses found in swimmers, lifeguards and other frequent pool users.

Pool and Spa News, June 13 2014

pool and spa professionals

“sanitizer of choice among health code enforcers”

Ultraviolet Systems

According to Nate Traylor of Pool and Spa News, “Rampant media attention on cryptosporidium — a chlorine-resistant virus — outbreaks and stricter safety standards imposed by state health departments are motivating more aquatics managers to equip their pools with a secondary sanitizer.

In most cases, they’re turning to UV. According to the survey, UV leads ozone as the sanitation system more commonly found in the commercial market. That’s because ultraviolet radiation tends to be the sanitizer of choice among health code enforcers.

Why UV over ozone? Industry observers point to a 2005 cryptosporidium outbreak that sickened about 2,300 people in New York. Health officials traced the source of the virus to a splash park in Seneca Lake State Park. In response, the state made secondary sanitation systems mandatory at public sprayparks. Because UV is commonly associated with water play features — due to its ability to zap diseases that could be inhaled through a fine spray or mist — the system earned favor, at least in the Northeast.

Pool and Spa News, June 13, 2014

“How effective is UV? Extremely effective!”

Bob Kappel … the effectiveness of a UV pool sanitizer.  “How effective is UV? Extremely effective! So effective, in fact, that drinking water and waste water treatment plants around the world are turning to UV for help inactivating pathogens and minimizing harmful disinfection byproducts. Swimming pool system designers are getting on the band wagon. Among those UV applications newly in use, we have not seen or heard of a single case of properly sized medium-pressure UV system failing to significantly reduce chloramines in a pool!”

Professional Pool Operators of America

pool and spa professionals

“The use of UV has changed the industry.”

Kids in UV pool water

From Aquatic International on Ultraviolet Sanitation, “UV is so effective (99 percent to 100 percent) in destroying crypto, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends installing the systems, and some states and local regulations now require it. New York has made UV systems mandatory for all sprayparks.

The use of UV has changed the industry in several ways. Most obviously, swimmers and operators now have an added layer of protection against RWIs (Recreational Water Illnesses).

Aquatics International Staff

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