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Installation of your UV pool system is simple and straight forward.  It can be easily installed on both new or existing pools and spas.  


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Ultravioletpools Ultra UV

Multiple Ports For Any Configuration

UV Top ports
bottom ports

Your UV pool system comes with 4 – 2″ inlets and 4 – 2″ outlets to accommodate multiple configurations, making it easy to fit into your current lay out.  Simply plumb into the ports that are most convenient.  Six plugs come with your UV system for the remaining ports.

Fits Into Your Current System With or Without a Bypass

Your ULTRA UV unit will need to be plumbed into the circulation system. The ULTRA UV unit is plumbed to the discharge side of the filter before the heater.  The bypass valves are optional.

110 Volt or 220 Volt Connections Available

connecting the UV system
240V connection to UV system

Your ultraviolet System comes with 110V or 220V connections.  The intella ballast will adjust to the power connection that is best for you.  The 110V model comes with an 8′ nema cord.

Download the full Ultra UV manual for detailed installation instructions