Is a sand or cartridge filter better with my UV system?

There are some key differences between sand filters and cartridge filters (not to mention DE filters) that may make a difference to the overall maintenance, clarity, and operation of your pool.  For example, sand filters are easier to maintain because you only need to turn your backwash on to clean them.  Cartridge filters can filter out ... Read More

Can you be allergic to chlorine in pools?

Much like allergies to some foods, more and more people seem to be developing an allergic reaction to the chlorine in pool water.  The skin is reacting and irritated by chlorine, usually resulting in red bumps that can be quite itchy.  Although this may appear to be an allergy, this is actually a chemical burn.  This ... Read More

Pool Algae

Keep ahead of the algae this season!  Most pool owners are familiar with that sickening feeling when you glance outside at your pool and see that it is beginning to turn green, or the start of an algae bloom had taken hold.  While there are different types of algae, some are more of a nuisance ... Read More

Quartz Tube Cleaning

This is a good time to clean your quartz tube for the start of the season.  A clean tube is necessary for the UV rays to penetrate the water, allowing the system to do its job efficiently.    Click Here for the  instructions to cleaning your quartz tube.  Also, we have included a video below for ... Read More

Lamp Replacement

As you know, it is recommended that your UV lamps be replaced every 18 months.  UV lamps don’t typically burn out like incandescent or florescent bulbs, they simply lose their effectiveness.  Replacing your lamps regularly will mean your UV system is providing the best water available for pools and spas.  Click here for the instructions ... Read More