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Pura Vida UV Water Sterilizer

In addition to your chlorine feeder or salt chlorine generator, a UV system gives you reassurance that your family will have access to cleaner, safer pool water, while significantly reducing chemical usage. This is a chemical free process which is simple in its concept and effective in its abilities to inactivate microorganisms which are resistant to chlorine. Simple maintenance, continuous disinfection and ultimately safe water, Pura Vida makes it that easy. 

Pura Vida Ultra Violet Water Sterilizer

PuraVida2 UV System for Pools - Installation

Please follow the steps in this video as well as in the installation manual when installing a PuraVida2 UV System. The PuraVida2 UV System is a smart, simple plug in UV Sanitization system designed for small or large pools. Using a UV system on your pool is an excellent way to drastically cut down on chemicals while providing clean and healthy water. If installing in an area that is exposed to the elements, the enclosed ballast cover is required to protect the ballast and maintain warranty coverage


UV disinfection is extremely effective against microorganisms but only if the UV light can pass through the water it needs to treat. This means that the quality of your water is very important in order to ensure complete disinfection. 

Regular water chemistry testing should be performed as usual.


Chlorine residual:1-3 ppm free chlorine
pH:7.4 – 7.6
Total alkalinity:80 – 120 ppm



Pura Vida systems come with a feature laden controller that incorporates both the lamp driver (ballast) and control features. The controller features a built in lamp monitor, with both audible and visual indication of lamp life, and auto sensing dual voltage for plug in or hard wired use.


Simplistic in operation, this system features a tri-colour LED light, indicating system status and a 4-digit display to indicate lamp life remaining. Pressing the button will change the display to indicate total running time. When the UV lamp is on and within its operating age, the LED light will be green. When the UV lamp is not on or the lamp life has expired, the LED will be illuminated red and an audible buzzer will sound. To remedy this condition, the UV lamp must be replaced with a new genuine Pura Vida UV lamp.

PLEASE NOTE: A timer is recommended in conjunction with your pool pump to ensure the Pura Vida UV system is running at the same time as the pump.

Flow Rate42 GPM82 GPM
159 lpm310.4 lpm
9.5 m3/hr18.6 m3/hr
Port Size1.5” MNPT2” MNPT
(IEC power cord included)
Plug TypeAmerican, Nema 5/15, 3 wire for all 110V systems
Lamp Watts67101
Replacement LampPV2RL-600HOPV2RL-950HO
Replacement SleevePV2RQ-600PV2RQ-950
Replacement ControllerPV2RCHO-4.12
Chamber Material316L Stainless Steel, A249 Pressure Rated Tubing, Polished & Passivated
Chamber Dimensions3.5 x 26.9”
(8.9 x 68.3 cm)
3.5 x 40.7”
(8.9 x 103.4 cm)
Controller Dimensions8.6 x 4.2 x 4” (21.7 x 10.8 x 10.2 cm)
Operating Pressure0.7-10.3 bar   (10-150 psi)
Operating Water Temperature2-40° C  (36-104° F)
Lamp Change ReminderYES (4-digit LED display)
Visual Lamp Out IndicatorYES
Audible Lamp Out IndicatorYES
Shipping Weight7.9 kg
(17.5 lbs)
10.0 kg
(22.1 lbs)
A27.5” (700mm)41.3” (1050mm)
B20.1” (510mm)32.8” (834mm)
C8.4” (214mm)8.8” (223mm)
D3.5” (89mm)3.5” (89mm)

Manufacturer’s Warranty

CHAMBERS – Three (3) year Limited Warranty
ELECTRONICS – Three (3) year Limited Warranty
UV LAMPS – One (1) year Limited Warranty
QUARTZ SLEEVES – One (1) year Limited Warranty