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Red Eyes and The Cause

What Causes Red Eyes from Pool Water

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When red eyes occur from swimming in a pool, and you smell “chlorine”, it may not be what you think.  Our eyes normally don’t turn red from chlorine, nor do we normally smell chlorine in a pool.  In cases where the odor is strong, and the eyes are blazing red, this is usually an indication of chlorine by-products.

Chlorine byproducts are a result of chlorine doing it’s job.  That is, attaching itself to unwanted pool water content (urine, feces, perspiration, and other micro organisms).  Once chlorine attaches to these pathogens, the resulting by-product is not only more hazardous to our health than free chlorine, it can also irritate our eyes and skin while giving off a strong odor.  There are a number of scientific studies that link these disinfection by-products with health issues.  In fact, the American Journal Of Epidemiology has linked these by products to bladder cancer and asthma.  Read more about this study here.

The fact is, while chlorine is an effective disinfectant it comes with significant drawbacks.  If chlorine is the only disinfectant used in your pool you must maintain a high concentration.  In turn, this will result in a significant concentration of hazardous by-products, turning your pool or spa into a health concern.

How Does the Addition of a UV Pool System Reduce Odor and Red Eyes?

Adding a UV system to your pool or spa will dramatically reduce red eyes and odor caused by chlorine by-products.  As water passes by the lamp the unwanted pathogen is zapped by the UVC rays.  By doing so, the chlorine that is in the pool or spa remains “free” chlorine and the by-products are no longer produced.  In addition, you will only require a minimal amount of chlorine as a residual, thereby cutting the volume and use of chlorine significantly.

You can now maintain your pool with drinking water standards of chlorine while eliminating any by-products associated with it.  The UV pool system will do all the sanitizing, leaving clean, safe water for your bathers.  Furthermore, since the UV doesn’t add anything to the pool water, it does not impact the pool balance at all, including pH.

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