Selecting the Right UV Lamp/Bulb for your System

Sometimes figuring out which lamp you should buy for your UV system is confusing.  Basically, for any system that has the shape and appearance as the photo, there are 3 different lamps.  Selecting the correct lamp is based on the age of your system and if any upgrades have been applied.

If you own a UV system that has “Trident” on the front, you have 2 possibilities.  Although this system was subject to a recall a number of years ago, there are still many functioning well with the remediation kit.  Provided you have had the remediation kit installed, and no other upgrades have been applied, then the correct lamp for you is the original 3 pin lamp (

UV systems for Pools and Spas

There are also plenty of Trident systems owners that have elected to install an upgrade kit.  This kit essentially changes the key components of the UV unit; ballast and bulbs, along with a different lid and ballast bracket.  These lamps have leads attached to the ends are are designed for the Ultra UV system (

Once Paramount purchased Trident and changed to the Ultra UV system, the 3 pin lamps were no longer used.  There are now 2 different UV systems produced by Paramount; the Ultra UV and the Ultra UV2.  If you have the Ultra UV, and have not upgraded, then you will use the same lamp as above (  However, many Ultra UV systems have been upgraded to the Ultra UV2.  The upgrade included lamps In this case, you  will require the newest lamp labelled as the Ultra UV2.  This lamp is shorter than its predecessors and has a black plastic attachment at one end.

If you have any questions about which lamp is right for you, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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