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Q. How does the UV system sanitize the pond water?

A. As pond water is circulated through the wet reactor chambers of the Ultra UV system, one or more UV-C germicidal lamps contained in the reactor(s) expose the pond water containing bacteria, viruses, algae spores, pathogens and microorganisms, to the high intensity light waves emitted by the UV-C lamp(s). This causes the DNA of these pathogens to be disrupted and unable to multiply. Without the ability to multiply, these pathogens die and are rendered harmless. It is easy to understand that bacteria laden water enters the reactor, and drinking quality water leaves the reactor back to the pond. Consult the Technical link for a more technical explanation of this process. (Note: While drinking quality water exits the Ultra UV system, it is not intended for use in sanitizing drinking water and should not be used as such. Drinking water sanitizers have different technical requirements (alarms, etc) then do pond UV systems).

Q. How does one properly size a UV system?

A. A UV system for a pond is sized to match up with the water flow of the pond circulation pump(s). Consult the Ultra UV Specification Sheet to see which Ultra UV model system matches the flow rate of a specific circulation pump. Information accompanying the pump can provide this flow rate, as can the pump supplier’s literature or website, or the dealer or installer that provided the pump. And, remember that the Ultra UV systems are convertible to allow for increasing the killing power of the UV system if a system was selected originally that was undersized due to under estimating the pond’s circulation pump output rate of flow. It should be noted also that water entering the UV reactor chambers from ponds are traditionally unfiltered in many instances and not as clear as swimming pool water, as an example. Therefore, to allow for this turbidity (and reduced transmittance) in the pond water being treated, an allowance for the output ability of the Ultra UV system has been made. Consult the Series 2 Owner’s Manual for pond capacity vs.system charts applicable to ponds.

Q. Does the UV system add any chemicals to the pond water?

A. As noted in the first question and answer, the Ultra UV system treats the pond water as it passes through the reactor chamber of the system. When bacterial and organic materials, such as fish waste, algae, bird droppings, dust etc. enter the pond and are circulated back to the reactor, the Ultra UV system imparts nothing into the pond water when killing these bacteria and organic materials. This is a real plus over alternate sanitizing methods in that it is fully compatible with a fish or plant environment. In fact, the Koi industry has embraced UV sanitation as a necessary component of a properly designed pond.

Q. Can multiple units be combined to accommodate larger ponds?

A. With flow capacities (matching circulation pump output) available in four ranges from 50 GPM (11.3 m3/hr) to 130 GPM (40.4 m3/hr), the large range available from the Series 2 UV system models normally negates the need for multiple units to accommodate larger flows. If the pump flow does exceed 130 GPM, then multiple units can be installed in parallel, using a large pipe diameter manifold to serve the increased flow from the pond circulation pump.

Q. How is the UV system installed in the average pond?

A. The Ultra UV system installs in the pond’s circulation system, after the filter (bead filter) or before the filter (biological filter) and before any heater or chemical injection points. Designed to accommodate four different pump output flow rate ranges up to 178 GPM (40.4 m3/hr), installing the UltraUV system provides a simple and low cost installation for the pond builder or homeowner. Consult the Ultra UV Owner’s Manual for detailed installation instructions.

Q. How much electrical power is required to operate the UV system?

A. One of the big advantages to the Ultra UV system is its low power draw and resulting low operating cost. Even an Ultra UV system with 3 lamps draws less power than a 150W bulb. All Ultra UV systems are cord connected (subject to the requirements of the jurisdiction where the unit is being installed).

Q. Is the system available in the electrical power used in my country?

A. All Ultra UV systems are available in either 120V/50/60 Hz or 230V/50/60Hz. Note: Do not operate the Ultra UV system on any power not indicated on the silver service plate on the front of the unit. These systems are NOT dual voltage. The pond owner should contact the supplier if the voltage indicated on the Series 2 unit’s service plate is not correct.

Q. Can the UV system be upgraded in the field to accommodate a higher flow?

A. One of the key features of the Ultra UV system is its ability to be upgraded by adding one of more (up to a total of 3) additional UV lamps to the system. This way, the pond owner who has not accurately calculated the output of their pond pump and finds the system they chose to be undersized, it is a simple matter of obtaining an upgrade kit from their supplier and making the upgrade right at the installation, in a matter of minutes. This unique feature also allows the pond owner’s Ultra UV supplier to provide the full range of Ultra UV systems from inventory, simply by upgrading a unit they have in stock to the desired unit, without waiting for the desired unit to arrive from Ultraviolet Pools should it be temporarily out of stock.

Q. Can the UV system be used on a continual basis in pond installations?

A. Yes. While most ponds operate on a continual basis, Ultra UV systems also operate on swimming pools that normally contain time clocks. So the unit contains a pressure sensing switch that senses when the circulation pump goes OFF. When this is sensed, the switch turns the UV system OFF and then back ON when the pump comes ON, all automatically. But for pond installation where the circulation is continuous or the Ultra UV system is located below the pond water level, the built-in bypass mechanism of the pressure switch should be employed, causing the pressure switch function to be removed from the electrical control circuit. This is a simple procedure and is explained fully in the Ultra UV Owner’s Manual.

Q. How much maintenance to the UV system is required?

A. Aside from a periodic cleaning of the quartz tube(s) and scheduled lamp replacement (both easily accomplished by the homeowner), no other maintenance of the Ultra UV system is required. Consult the Ultra UV Owner’s Manual for full specifics. Note that due to pond water containing larger amounts of organic materials, cleaning of the quartz tube more often may be required. Should green water appear in the pond, fouling of the quartz tube(s) and operation of the lamp(s) should be checked.

Q. What is the life of the UV lamp(s)?

A. All Ultra UV systems incorporate low pressure, high output, long life (LPHOLL) UV-C lamps. All Ultra UV lamps are rated at 13,000 hours (or 18 months) of useful life. The pond owner should not be confused by the fact that a lamp is still glowing after this useful life, as a lamp looses its killing power at the lamp End-Of-Life (EOL) and should be replaced to bring the Ultra UV unit back to its design output.

Q. Where does a pond owner obtain replacement parts?

A. The pond owner’s first resource for replacement parts is their supplier. If the supplier is unable to provide warranty or non-warranty parts, the pond owner should contact Ultraviolet Pools in any of the methods shown in any of the Contact Us links of this website, and Ultraviolet Pools will be pleased to assist them.

Q. Will Ultraviolet Pools answer questions from homeowners?

A. All questions concerning the Ultra UV system should be directed first to the supplier of the unit. If the supplier is unable to answer the questions posed, the owner should contact Ultraviolet Pools by any of the methods indicated in any of the Contact Us links on this website. Ultraviolet Pools will be pleased to answer any product, technical, or general questions about the Ultra UV system, in the shortest time possible. (Questions concerning pond design and operation outside of the application of UV with the pond, should be directed to the pond supplier.)

Q. What is the warranty on the Ultra UV system?

A. Due to the high quality of each component and the system itself, Ultraviolet Pools is proud to offer one of the industries most generous warranties on its Ultra UV system. Consult the Ultra UV Limited Warranty for specific details.

Q. Is the UV lamp covered under the warranty?

A. Yes. Unlike other warranties that only cover part of the lamp life, Ultraviolet Pools covers the lamp for the full 13,000 hour useful life, as stated in the Ultra UV Limited Warranty.

Q. Is the UV system compatible with Biological filters in ponds?

A. Yes. As noted earlier, the UV system does not impart any chemicals into the pond water when it leaves the UV reactor. Therefore, the water entering the biological filter is simply sanitized water and this makes the job of the biological filter easier by reducing the contaminates in the pond water before it enters the biological chamber.

Q. Is the UV system suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations?

A. The Ultra system has been designed to operate in both an indoor and outdoor environment, and is fully protected from the elements. With a 100% polymeric exterior, no chance of rust or corrosion is present. However, to keep the system looking new over its life, some protection from adverse weather (sun, rain) is recommended. If installed outdoors, the electrical connection should be weatherproof as well. Note: The Ultra UV system cannot be allowed to freeze, as breakage of the quartz tube(s), lamps, and possibly the reactor vessel itself and fitting is likely to occur. Freeze damage is not a warranted item.