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About Ultraviolet Systems Inc.

Contact Information and Hours of Operation

Family Owned & Operated

Ultraviolet Systems Inc. is a family owned and operated business and was started as a result of our concern for our own family’s health. Our desire to avoid a chemical rich swimming experience lead us to ultraviolet.  There is a number of solutions available, but we wanted the most effective and reliable options, while not adding additional maintenance and expenses.  Our ideas focused on simple and affordable.

Since UV does not add anything to the pool water, and eliminates more microorganisms that chlorine, we focussed our attention on finding a system that is reliable and durable.  Our specialty is improving the swimming pool and spa experience for your family or business. Our goal is to provide you with the healthiest pool experience available with today’s technology.  Healthy,  economical and environmentally friendly; precisely as we want for our own family.

Our UV pool sanitizer, The Ultra UV, is built by Paramount Leisure.  Paramount Leisure Corporation is a Phoenix Arizona based manufacturer of US made state-of-the-art Ultraviolet water sanitation systems, specializing in systems for Swimming Pool, Therapy Spa, Aquarium, Koi Pond, Water Feature, Fountain, and Waterfall water sanitation. We feel confident that your inquiry into our UV product line will quickly show the superior engineering, design, features and pricing that is this line of state-of-the-art Ultraviolet systems. The result of over four years of rigorous field trial testing in over twenty four countries worldwide and in all climates and environments, the Paramount UV line raises the bar in UV sanitation for recreational and water applications. Utilizing true Green technology, combined with superior design, engineering, features and system reliability, the Paramount line has no equal in the marketplace. We invite you to view these products on our website and learn firsthand how Paramount UV systems stand alone as world class ultraviolet water sanitation systems.  There is simply none better.