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DEL UV-C50 Sanitation System

The Next Generation in UV Sanitation for Pools and Spas

Ultraviolet Systems raises the bar with the introduction of the next generation in UV pool sanitation.  The DEL UV-C50 sanitation system offers the latest UV low pressure high output UV technology, 13,000 hour lamp life makes the UV-C50 one of the UV industries easiest to operate, easiest to maintain, and therefore, most reliable UV systems available. Suitable for indoor and outdoor operation, this small footprint UV system becomes an obvious choice for the user who demands the best.

With low temperature operation, and a single model, the UV-C50 takes swimming pool, spa, water feature, fountain and pond sanitation to a new level.  Moreover, the integrated glow ring allows for safe, visual confirmation that the UV lamps are working and the built-in ventilation allows air in and keeps moisture out, protecting the ballast.  The electronic ballast is energy efficient and can operate at both 120V and 240V with Integrated fault protection that prevents start-up if a lamp problem is detected.  Its’ superior usability features include smart power-off when the cover is removed, visual glow-ring feedback and an integrated drain valve for easy maintenance.

The DEL UV-C50 sanitation system comes with 2 options for plumbing.  You can choose to have the inlet and outlet on the same side of the unit, or on opposite sides.  This option allows for a variety of installation configurations.

Best Green Product

The DEL UV-C 50 was recognized at the 2018 International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo for Best Green Product Runner Up.

UV-C is a “clean” technology. The only active disinfectant is rays of light. No additional chemicals, gases or oxidants are added to the water.

Model Numbers and Configurations of the UV-C50

EUV-16-01DEL UV-C 50 Plug-In, Same Side Plumbing; 120V
EUV-16-21DEL UV-C 50 Plug-In, Opposite Side Plumbing; 120V
EUV-FS-01DEL UV-C 50 Flow Switch Kit